We made this game TERRIBLE.

21-Mar, 2021
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Schlatt and the boys give even more presentations for like the tenth time.
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@Justa Minx
The Jackbox Party Pack is a fun time when Schlatt and the boys get together. It's like watching Bob Ross but worse! Watch Schlatt and SwaggerSouls and Kryoz and Charborg draw funny versions of Schlatt in Champed Up, like Schlagg, Schluddle, Schlakers, Schquidward, etc., and also drop bars in Mad Verse City. We have fun here folks! No, none of us are dating (the new dating show with Schlatt and Minx is coming soon) or playing Minecraft 1.16 challenges (although I sure wish we were - think of the views!) We're simply a bunch of friends making funny moments compilations with each other.
Yes, I copied and pasted that from last time cuz it got a lot of views and this is basically the same video again. It's just business! Charborg, SwaggerSouls, Kryoz, JustaMinx and 24framesofnick join us this time to give fun presentations in Talking Points and Patently Stupid. Watch as the men talk about Corpse Husband and how Egirls are Ruining my Life! and also how he chokes me like he loves me or something I don't know. Also Minx joins this episode of Jackbox, where Schlatt and Minx are cute together and also hot together or something. Fitz joins the cast today as well and he is a really bad guy. PogSchlatt in the thumbnail because I'm sure it will get children to click.
I will keep copying and pasting these descriptions from the previous Jackbox video until this series has been milked drier than the sense of humor of a Minecraft UZworldr. It's literally just a way to make money. If you're from New Jersey please unsubscribe and get out of my sight

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    • @i have no name idea nothing

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    • No

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    • No, I don't think I will

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    • @Thot Patrol USA normal people gang, lets gooo

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    • tbh, Opera should be replacing most if not all browsers, just because it's THAT good

  • Dad come back

    ISAIAH EsparzaISAIAH EsparzaSoat oldin
  • me and the bois played this on Xbox we made it sound like a cod lobby on heroine

    Mckala HowryMckala HowrySoat oldin
  • ay schlatt can we see jcatt

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  • Schlatt your so cool👩‍🍼

    Amber ParraAmber Parra2 soat oldin
  • Bestie pls come back

    shannonshannon2 soat oldin
  • Guys, don’t act like we don’t miss Carson just a little

    Duck Duck GooseDuck Duck Goose3 soat oldin
    • He was my favourite youtuber... I loved his personality and his same sense of humor. Schlatt's content seems dry without Carson as well. It's said that he's fine and making an apology video, he's just waiting for the right time

      SharpStealzSharpStealz3 soat oldin
  • post again pls, i need comfort

    ElexElex4 soat oldin
  • Where I need more of that schlatt

    Tyson Van TineTyson Van Tine5 soat oldin
  • when is the king coming back, (aka Jschlatt/ Shlatt/PvP god/Parcour prince/button man/Blades/glatt/Waterman/Schlatticus/Mr cobblestone/ Mr mutton chops/ Tekkit man/ ladder man/ man of steel/ bread man/The God of Wii Fit/jeff Bezos/The King of Cancellation)(all names from his videos)

    MsplatsMsplats5 soat oldin
  • My teacher really said people are getting cancelled for black face after I just saw this video.

    Christopher GuerraChristopher Guerra5 soat oldin
  • I'm from new jersey

    KrakkinKrakkin6 soat oldin
  • Do you have discord?

    JJ wolfJJ wolf6 soat oldin
  • why you gone again

    stredststredst7 soat oldin
  • sir please come back. I'm waiting on cereal tier list part 2

    Lucie GmLucie Gm7 soat oldin
    • Y e s. All knowing cereal lord Schlatt, *give us your knowledge of the cereal gods!*

      SharpStealzSharpStealz3 soat oldin
  • I hope you come back schlatt, you always make me laugh and really happy

    Tajgunow MariuszTajgunow Mariusz8 soat oldin
  • Tryting to cancel jschlatt is like putting out a fire with gasoline

    The one amigoThe one amigo8 soat oldin
  • to the 12000 people who disliked: Get a fucking GRIP

    JakkudesJakkudes14 soat oldin
  • It's been a month so he probably forgot his password but when he remembers it I hope schlatt makes another openttd video for old time's sake. God, I miss those.

    MaddoxMakesVideosMaddoxMakesVideos14 soat oldin
  • holy SHIT i just had to confrence with my teacher. and on sunday i have a test :( FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ayla albusaidyayla albusaidy17 soat oldin
    • @Aurum Blaze yeah, but im done with it so now the aquardness is gone i guess :)

      ayla albusaidyayla albusaidy9 soat oldin
    • Man, that's too bad

      Aurum BlazeAurum Blaze9 soat oldin
  • Swagger just pulled a 1000000 iq play You can’t get canceled for saying slurs if you get canceled for expressing slurs

    DarkSundayDarkSunday19 soat oldin
  • he really is surviving the internet

    ItWasn't KaiItWasn't Kai19 soat oldin
  • 3:34 Top 10 Photos Taken Before Disaster 😂 He KNEW what was coming but there was nothing he could do about it LMAO

    Casey SCasey S19 soat oldin
  • Anyone cancelling Schlatt or others for offensive jokes made while playing Jackbox ONE: Has obviously never played Jackbox and TWO: Has no sense of humor whatsoever and would probably get mad at their friends for saying offensive things while playing Jackbox. Which is like what you’re SUPPOSED to do. That’s what’s happened in every Jackbox game i’ve ever played, even the ones with school groups, or Twitch/UZworld streams where you’re advised/should be some level of tame. Even then the envelope gets pushed. Because it’s funny. I feel bad for the people who can’t laugh at anything because they’re convinced that they should be offended by people breathing. Their lives must be full of sadness and anger...

    Casey SCasey S19 soat oldin
  • did what the #$@^!? you have not did a video on the kschlatt for 2 years!? you need to make a video why.

    21 soat oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/moi_e5SGdbayfqI

    Herry TimeHerry Time21 soat oldin
  • Hi Logan from big time rush

    Pop CatPop Cat21 soat oldin
  • “I’m back”

    cereal boycereal boyKun oldin
  • Dumb bird

    Im nøt DreamIm nøt DreamKun oldin
  • Hmmmm, this video title looks a little familiar

    FreddyFox2331FreddyFox2331Kun oldin
  • The question, is he ever going to upload again? Feels like forever

    skrillexdub83skrillexdub83Kun oldin
  • You have to relax with the wrong 🐈 now man not funny now...

    Kanan KhalilovKanan KhalilovKun oldin
  • What’s your favourite stock?

    heroicTrey5heroicTrey5Kun oldin
  • Gaming and IRL videos from jschlatt. Every week!

    MmMmKun oldin
  • I love how the people that tried to cancel shlatt never saw the full clip and believe the 10 year olds from Twitter.if they wanna cancel someone cancel swagger he did the joke not shlatt. now shut up. Grow up. And mind ur business. Thank you

    Akira -Akira -Kun oldin
  • This video says they made it terrible i think they made it better tho

    luis felipeluis felipeKun oldin
  • Opera GX taeks ur data and then uses them for some stuff u dont wanna now. They take personal data btw.

    SillydoSillydoKun oldin
    • a lot of things do

      jebjeb20 soat oldin
    • Still waiting on proof big guy

      GPousson80GPousson80Kun oldin
    • Google collects your data as well lmfao

      papyrus Apupapyrus ApuKun oldin
    • Proof?

      GPousson80GPousson80Kun oldin
  • Why no new vidjow?

    Gerd DerdGerd DerdKun oldin
  • schlatt is my idol

    Very奇妙なVery奇妙なKun oldin
  • i don’t understand why schlatt was the only one who people tried to cancel. what about the guy who made the joke or the other people who laughed along?

    Sonia SalazarSonia SalazarKun oldin
    • For real, schlatt made probably the least offensive jokes in this video compared to everyone else but yet they cancel him?

      GPousson80GPousson80Kun oldin
  • new video. when

    exaldexaldKun oldin
  • Who are the fastest readers... 911 victims they went through 81 storys in 10 seconds

    Keith CKeith CKun oldin
  • schlatt? are you okay?

    RanchRanchKun oldin
    • @GPousson80 thank you

      RanchRanchKun oldin
    • He was in swags stream last night so hes good

      GPousson80GPousson80Kun oldin
    • @Piranha Plant he's on swaggers videos on the epic smp

      Mårten JohanssonMårten JohanssonKun oldin
    • I mean he's likely fine, he's still other places (like chuckle sandwich) i would assume he hasn't uploaded to be cautious of all the cancelling crap

      Piranha PlantPiranha PlantKun oldin
  • is twitter gonna cancel me for laughing at this video

    dino luvs sapdino luvs sapKun oldin
  • You should do this with SMii7Y

    Not_Your_Usual_UsernameNot_Your_Usual_UsernameKun oldin
  • Name of the game?

    Felix MaciasFelix MaciasKun oldin
    • pack

      Dit0hDit0h23 soat oldin
    • Party

      AKiwiAKiwiKun oldin
    • Jackbox

      Mårten JohanssonMårten JohanssonKun oldin

    jazmir bonifaciojazmir bonifacioKun oldin
  • y’all realize you cant cancel someone who doesn’t care

    boe !boe !Kun oldin
  • Hey J-Money, are you okay?

    Sage O'ReileySage O'ReileyKun oldin
  • Hes not uploading because that would ruin his perfect 100 videos 👌

    Exploding DustRagsExploding DustRagsKun oldin
    • U have a point.

      SharpStealzSharpStealz3 soat oldin
  • When ever I search u up for vids there’s always vids talking about what Twitter just canceled you for again

    Alexander HarrisAlexander HarrisKun oldin
  • Schlatt made me a proud racist

    NotFunnyDidntLaughNotFunnyDidntLaugh2 kun oldin
  • this is offensive

    julian hernandezjulian hernandez2 kun oldin
    • Go outside, touch some grass, or, better yet, get some friends. Ur sense of humor doesn't exist.

      SharpStealzSharpStealz3 soat oldin
    • *_t h a t ' s t h e p o i n t_*

      Arctic KittyArctic Kitty21 soat oldin
    • If it’s offensive just don’t watch simple as that

      Cock CockCock CockKun oldin
    • jackbox is a game about being offensive, go figure

      Mårten JohanssonMårten JohanssonKun oldin
    • yes. thats the point

      Nevan RNevan RKun oldin
  • Day 214 of asking for a Mario kart video

    YogurtYogurt2 kun oldin
  • Well obviously he isn’t back 🤦‍♂️

    Big FloppaBig Floppa2 kun oldin
  • Where video?

    Davide GrossiDavide Grossi2 kun oldin
  • The fact he explained the game in the beginning and yall missed that part is ridiculous lmao…

    JaydenJayden2 kun oldin
  • Who dares to cancel him. AGAIN

    Riley GoodhueRiley Goodhue2 kun oldin
  • Upload big guy.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache2 kun oldin
  • That's not a 7/11. Its One World Trade Center

    RHaxRHax2 kun oldin
  • Жду видос Шлатта уже 4 недели......

    SmaggOnline WasHereBefore3149SmaggOnline WasHereBefore31492 kun oldin
  • is he still alive

    László JuhászLászló Juhász2 kun oldin
    • He was on swahger's stream, he's ok 👌

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
    • yeah he uploads on his podcasts every week.

      Honestly_AllyHonestly_Ally2 kun oldin
  • hes doing his stupid fucking smirk i swear to god if i see it again i will lose my shit.

    Justinian The GreatJustinian The Great2 kun oldin
    • @Justinian The Great dude, I'm gonna say the N-word

      Mårten JohanssonMårten Johansson13 soat oldin
    • @Mårten Johansson And I'll just reform the Roman Empire again. Don't test me.

      Justinian The GreatJustinian The Great15 soat oldin
    • @Justinian The Great don't do it, I'll kill people

      Mårten JohanssonMårten Johansson16 soat oldin
    • @Mårten Johansson watch me bub.

      Justinian The GreatJustinian The Great18 soat oldin
    • @Mårten Johansson true

      ZyrorgeZyrorge23 soat oldin
  • you had me at "force darkmode"

    mecha _mmecha _m2 kun oldin
  • post

    ErikErik2 kun oldin
  • cant cancel someone who doesnt care bruv

    SoapSoap2 kun oldin
  • Twitter finally killed jschlatt

    Potato CrusherPotato Crusher2 kun oldin
    • They didn't. He was on SwaggerSouls's steams and podcasts, don't make conclusions based on 1 thing.

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
    • Just wait until he rans out of money, he will make another one.

      AstolfoAstolfoKun oldin
  • HAPPY 100TH VID (if UZworld is right witch is very improbabl)

    Potato GodPotato God2 kun oldin
  • Schlatt upload already

    Targeted ReliefTargeted Relief2 kun oldin
  • *G A Y S H L A T T*

    what whatwhat what2 kun oldin
  • He said brace for impact. They didn’t listen. Dumb bird

    RevkunRevkun3 kun oldin
    • @Casey Is Cool You're welcome Dr. Cool

      William AftonWilliam Afton2 kun oldin
    • @William Afton exactly, thank you villain of fnaf

      Casey Is CoolCasey Is Cool2 kun oldin
    • Well, dark humor to them is Dream saying he doesn't love them

      William AftonWilliam Afton3 kun oldin
  • The real goat

    Gh0stGh0st3 kun oldin
  • Guess the cancel was successful

    Maxy NifterMaxy Nifter3 kun oldin
    • He was on Swaggersouls steams, he aint cancelled lmao.

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
    • honestly he doesn't give a fuck anymore oif he gets cancelled,and so do we

      ZyrorgeZyrorgeKun oldin
    • nah man,he is just being a little lazy

      ZyrorgeZyrorgeKun oldin
    • Nah, people have lifes outside of the internet, i doubt you do.

      AstolfoAstolfo2 kun oldin
    • This is just his upload schedule

      MemesMcDreamsMemesMcDreams2 kun oldin
  • Dwitter

    A Stupid ThingA Stupid Thing3 kun oldin
  • You could have taken it out of the video...

    ShaniahShaniah3 kun oldin
    • @Astolfo exactly

      notMaple_notMaple_Kun oldin
    • No. That shit was just hilarious.

      Some Random Guy Online For Some ReasonSome Random Guy Online For Some ReasonKun oldin
    • @notMaple_ Lmao

      Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \oKun oldin
    • @notMaple_ I remember when quackity's fandom was actually funny instead of whatever the majority of his fandom is now, but i mean, if it makes him money then i don't mind.

      AstolfoAstolfo2 kun oldin
    • @Shaniah bruh!

      hisanimationshisanimations2 kun oldin
  • Schlattimus Prime

    Th STh S3 kun oldin
  • Ew

    MazzarellaMazzarella3 kun oldin
    • Average twitter user moment 🤢🤮

      THEminecrafter ETHEminecrafter EKun oldin
    • @CallMeMoxxie Just fixed all problems in the world.

      AstolfoAstolfoKun oldin
    • Ew Is we backward and you know what you say when you're riding a rollercoaster? WEEEEEEE you just enjoyed jshlatt ty

      CallMeMoxxieCallMeMoxxie2 kun oldin
  • i think the pope got him, guys.

    FrownyDowny JrFrownyDowny Jr3 kun oldin
    • The pope turned red...

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
  • Wake up, Schlatt. You’ve been in a coma since the incident of 1999, and we’ve been trying to wake you up ever since. This “copypasta” is the only way the doctor said we could communicate to you. Come home we love you, Schlatt.

    Elephant In The RoomElephant In The Room3 kun oldin
  • Fun fact this is jschlatt’s 100th video

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment3 kun oldin
    • Ah, to match up the amount of times Twitter tried cancelling Big Guy

      William AftonWilliam Afton3 kun oldin
  • Yo I wonder what Schlatts view/sub ratio is. He gets more views than he has subs, a lot.

    FriesenmischungFriesenmischung3 kun oldin
    • @Lynxmann yes and that!

      Available cupcakeAvailable cupcake3 kun oldin
    • @Available cupcake he makes gd content thats why

      LynxmannLynxmann3 kun oldin
    • @Available cupcake I mean like actual numbers, the percentage of people who are viewing w/o subbing. You could be right tho. Plus the YT recommended tab makes subbing ineffective I guess.

      FriesenmischungFriesenmischung3 kun oldin
    • Im guessing thats becuase of haters or somethn

      Available cupcakeAvailable cupcake3 kun oldin
  • Can we all just agree the joke was shitty and move on? For fuck's sake this channel is literally supposed to be offensive and as someone else said in the comments, Checking out a Jschlatt video and getting offended, is the same thing as getting Cards Against Humanity and expecting it to be 'family fun'. This channel is supposed to be offensive, otherwise, could you guys calm your shit down?

    Galaxy Far AwayGalaxy Far Away3 kun oldin
    • Finally someone is fucking using more than 1 fucking braincell.

      ZyrorgeZyrorgeKun oldin
    • @Nicky Molitoris No it just wasn't funny enough to be okay. Yes its still a joke and I really hate people who say "ITS NOT DARK HUMOR" when, it literally is, but the rule of thumb is that a joke has to be funnier than it is offensive to be okay and they just all kinda blurted out "who can say the most offensive thing" and that's the punchline

      Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \oKun oldin
    • Joke wasn't shitty it was funny. Creating boundaries for humor is the antithesis of being funny. As long as you're in an environment where everyone understands that you're joking, and you're not like, commuting a crime, nothing should be off limits. Obviously comedy is subjective and if you didn't find the joke funny, that's fine, but like that's your Prerogative. The whole point of racist or offensive jokes is that the content of the joke is bad. If swagger or schlatt thought saying slurs or using blackface was a good thing, the joke wouldn't be funny to them. In order to think a racist joke is funny you have to be not a racist.

      Nicky MolitorisNicky Molitoris2 kun oldin
    • this omfg

      sexy rajeshsexy rajesh3 kun oldin
  • Sorry if I’m late but, I just wanted you to know that you are amazing, you look amazing, and I absolutely adore you as a person

    OkaySo LetsPlayGamesOkaySo LetsPlayGames3 kun oldin
  • Honest question. What would you do, if someone just came up to you in the street. And gave you head pats. Never seen this guy. Just comes up and 'pat pat' :> (Disclaimer. This is a Hipothetical. I do not go around to strangers giving head pats XD)

    Dixion404Dixion4043 kun oldin
    • ✨pocket knife✨

      Arctic KittyArctic Kitty21 soat oldin
    • @Mary Johnson I've never heard someone have that reaction to this hipothetical :> very intelligent

      Dixion404Dixion4043 kun oldin
    • I mean, if you want honesty, I'd probably smack your hand away and make sure I'm not missing anything. If we're on a busy street, I'd assume you're trying to steal from me and the head pats might be a distraction from you taking my purse. I'd like to say I'd just laugh and think it was a funny experience, but I've had too many bad experiences with strangers just walking down the street to do that.

      Mary JohnsonMary Johnson3 kun oldin
    • pull out a gun

      Hipo GuyHipo Guy3 kun oldin
    • i’d be confused

      MAR7ANN3MAR7ANN33 kun oldin
  • Schlatts mustache looks like it was cleanly cut and then someone took some damn small blunt kitchen scissors to it.

    NightmareNightmare3 kun oldin
  • Un cancel my boy please I don’t want to wait another year when he comes back please :(

    ExplodingSealExplodingSeal3 kun oldin
    • Hes active on twitter

      William AftonWilliam Afton3 kun oldin
    • he's prob just thinking of a video idea

      sexy rajeshsexy rajesh3 kun oldin
  • "Now this is a game about taking peoples words out of context" Twitter:

    John DoeJohn Doe4 kun oldin
  • yay jackbox 🙃

    RushRush4 kun oldin
  • Bru ur rly milking this game for all its worth

    M A J I CM A J I C4 kun oldin
    • ye just play some minecraft or some shit

      ay dsay ds3 kun oldin
  • C'mon Schlatt, you can't just disappear because of some snowflakes on twitter

    FakoFako4 kun oldin
    • @ay ds I didn't JUST mean Chuckle Sandwich, but yeah, he is.

      Mexican MappingMexican MappingKun oldin
    • @Mexican Mapping he's literally one of the hosts of chuckle sandwich lol

      ay dsay ds2 kun oldin
    • @ay ds As well as a Ted Nivision upload and a few podcasts.

      Mexican MappingMexican Mapping2 kun oldin
    • He's been in a lot of Mizkifs streams lately

      ay dsay ds3 kun oldin
    • @Mexican Mapping heck yeah

      FakoFako4 kun oldin
  • Schlatt pog?

    Зимуик -Зимуик -4 kun oldin
    • Schlog

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
    • Pog

      Arctic KittyArctic Kitty21 soat oldin
    • Pog

      AstolfoAstolfoKun oldin
  • 2:48 how come he says there ‘oh that doesn’t look good’ at an issue from fucking 1939 that’s hardly révélant today but at other offensive stuff he just laughs 😐

    jazz mjazz m4 kun oldin
    • @Nicky Molitoris Exactly. Bruh these twitter hoes complaining about the video like its "offensive", if all dark jokes didn't have some hint of dark humor to them, it wouldn't even be humor, it would be a plain statement. Its like blue cheese, some like it, some absolutely hate it.

      SharpStealzSharpStealz2 soat oldin
    • It was still a joke tho homie. He laughed at that one too. Jokes shouldn't have boundaries, it ruins comedy

      Nicky MolitorisNicky Molitoris2 kun oldin
    • cool :thumbsup:

      Bepis BepusBepis Bepus3 kun oldin
    • Haha that’s a funny joke

      Csweg911 911Csweg911 9114 kun oldin
    • he was still laughing though?

      Eat the MicEat the Mic4 kun oldin
  • OperaGX actually is dope

    Grant BurgerGrant Burger4 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for the Twitter users. They spend hours trying to cancel a man that can’t be cancelled, and don’t even bother to do other activities. Basically, they need to get a life.

    MathisEZMathisEZ4 kun oldin
    • f in the chat

      ZyrorgeZyrorgeKun oldin
    • fr

      sexy rajeshsexy rajesh4 kun oldin
    • agreed

      Eat the MicEat the Mic4 kun oldin
    • agreed

      abraabra4 kun oldin
  • Mr. Johnathan Schlattacus. I request more jack boxes

    Shenmsk WkksjShenmsk Wkksj4 kun oldin
    • @Shenmsk Wkksj I just want bad wii games again, it's just been jackbox jackbox jackbox commentary video commentary video jack box jack box jack box

      Tyler StrangTyler Strang4 kun oldin
    • @Tyler Strang Why dont you request more jacks boxes sir Tyler?

      Shenmsk WkksjShenmsk Wkksj4 kun oldin

      Tyler StrangTyler Strang4 kun oldin
  • Upload pleasee

    Ben SandersonBen Sanderson4 kun oldin
  • schlatt fucking post a new video now

    TuxlyTuxly4 kun oldin
    • He's just letting this video simmer

      Tyler StrangTyler Strang4 kun oldin
  • I thought you would have uploaded The goons by now

    ur drug dealerur drug dealer4 kun oldin