The truth about my facial hair.

6-Okt, 2020
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Schlatt explains why he has mutton chops.
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Why does Schlatt look weird? Why does Schlatt have mutton chops? Okay Google, show me pictures of jschlatt without his facial hair so I can save them for tonight? jschlatt mutton chops why? How many times should I message her back with no response until I give up? All very interesting questions that are often searched online so I included them in the description for SEO. No, this is not your normal jschlatt Wii video, nor is it a romantic Love or Host outing with jschlatt and Minx. It's not a jschlatt Minecraft date where jschlatt and Minx are cute for a specific amount of time, or jschlatt breaking keyboards either! In this one Schlatt gives a long-winded, pretentious response to the age-old question of Why Jschlatt Has Mutton Chops. It's just Schlatt ranting to the camera about his Chops (facial hair). Learn why videos like Schlatt cute compilations and Schlatt being attractive and hot for ten minutes long are in high demand. I hate writing these

  • I like how you look like😅

    •Aoyama•Cult••Aoyama•Cult•Soat oldin
  • You look British without facial hair

    Nathan NullNathan NullSoat oldin
  • eeeeeeee

    TaxfooTaxfoo2 soat oldin
  • People hate your facial hair!? Omg ive always wanted your facial hair why would people hate it

    Tokaa ChipfuTokaa Chipfu2 soat oldin
  • The facial hair is good, but there is one issue the side burns and the stance aren't connected

    Von CVon C6 soat oldin

    EdenorEdenor6 soat oldin
  • AHHH~

    Nancy HipolitoNancy Hipolito7 soat oldin
  • gayschlatt

    Mari JekielMari Jekiel8 soat oldin
  • You look good, big guy!

    Cayden NicholsCayden Nichols10 soat oldin
  • is he fucking wrong?

    lsbslsbs12 soat oldin
  • “Stand up straight” Cant I’m too gay

    SqwerttSqwertt14 soat oldin

    Charlotte GulliverCharlotte Gulliver16 soat oldin
  • Your okay those bastards care but you dont have to

    stella morgantistella morganti16 soat oldin

    SandraSandra16 soat oldin
    • @beematic_ I was JUST watching tiktok and hearing that audio and then i hop on youtube to find this WHAT!!!?

      SandraSandra16 soat oldin

      beematic_beematic_16 soat oldin
  • old schlatt looks like foolishG not that there is nothing wrong with it

    TwoPennyRiceTwoPennyRice19 soat oldin
  • firebender beard

    Alula JaneAlula Jane19 soat oldin
  • when I watched this vid, I was writing, then I miss heard he saying "Everybody knew'd" into "Everybody nude." Then I was like "wuttttt?" And accidentally wrote "nude" into my note

    8A2.1_ 6. Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn Phạm8A2.1_ 6. Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn Phạm20 soat oldin
  • I think that schlatt looks fine with the mutton chops.

    david jonsondavid jonson21 soat oldin
  • He seriously looked fine asf tho lmao but the chops are iconic

    CrystalGachaCrystalGacha22 soat oldin
  • but i miss hot schlatt

    meyhemmeyhem23 soat oldin
  • best snack break. thanks shlatt

    Chaotic floral arrangementChaotic floral arrangement23 soat oldin
  • I don’t know how to feel about Schlatt calling himself a twink

    TobiasTobias23 soat oldin
  • This man is the *definition* of funny. Change my can't 😃

    CloudyCloudy23 soat oldin
  • Makes him look MANLY

    Slick xDSlick xDKun oldin
  • Y'know, he kinda looks like someone who'd be named "Constantine" or "Charlie Van Leeuvanouoir III"

    dill'd picklesdill'd picklesKun oldin
  • wait till u see mine-

    Alpha KennyBoby420Alpha KennyBoby420Kun oldin
  • Wait..since when did we hate the chops?

    Ainslie SwiatekAinslie SwiatekKun oldin
  • I think I looks unique and I like his chops

    BabyBear!BabyBear!Kun oldin
  • “My job is to not give a single living shit about you” Good quote and an even better mindset

    YouTube DemonetizationYouTube DemonetizationKun oldin
  • ur lamb chops were never weird to me

    leah camelloleah camelloKun oldin
  • To be honest you look like wolverine

    X_nightmare0811X_nightmare0811Kun oldin
  • love this guy

    Kiljoe315 GfxfghffggKiljoe315 GfxfghffggKun oldin
  • Your facial hair has a funny guy attached to it! Don't let him go.

    Krasimir KaradimovKrasimir KaradimovKun oldin
  • why is your face melting at the very end after you smile.

    OrisplusOrisplusKun oldin
  • Wait Schlatt please answer this I gotta know *does the candle actually smell like v word 0-0”*

    ItzLemonItzLemonKun oldin
  • ur gay

    PersonatourPersonatourKun oldin
  • never thought a jschlatt video would heighten my self confidence, but here we are.

    Yikes On BikesYikes On BikesKun oldin
  • I would travel the world to get hair as healthy as his 🤣

    BєтαPнєσηιχBєтαPнєσηιχKun oldin
  • Gayshat

    Amy GoodwinAmy GoodwinKun oldin
  • And this is why true schlatt fans stick around and absolutely adore him. He’s literally a king. So amazing

    Prince FinnPrince FinnKun oldin
  • Ok this actually almost made me cry. The chops are about the principle and I love that thank you schlatt :) (also they are so so fun to draw holy shit)

    uneasycylinder. pnguneasycylinder. pngKun oldin
  • can i be honest. if i was kidnapped by this man (and his chops ig) i wouldn't run. he just looks like a drunk uncle ngl.

    goat kidgoat kidKun oldin
  • Schlat actually looks good without his hat on

    Cuck 42Cuck 42Kun oldin
  • secret is that he glues pubes on his face

    arvid aldenarvid aldenKun oldin
  • He just smell f i r e ?

    Jesse_Is_Bruh _Jesse_Is_Bruh _Kun oldin
  • I like the chops

    johannes foersterjohannes foersterKun oldin

    Amnezia _Amnezia _Kun oldin
  • him " stand up straight" me with a really bad posture "no

    _ac3.0f. spad3s__ac3.0f. spad3s_Kun oldin
  • not gonna lie whoever posts those comments are sucky and cant even make a comeback to a yomamma joke.

    MackerdoniMackerdoniKun oldin
  • i like the way you look it fits you

    Gavin HarrisGavin HarrisKun oldin
  • Not me about to look for that wattpad story-

    Rye RyeRye RyeKun oldin
  • There is nothing wrong with ur beautiful Hair thats growing on ur face, why would People care if ur the only one who can change it? Why would they hate on you, and telling u in the I N T E R N E T what to do, while they’re not knowing ur adress or coming to ur house with large ✂️ (Sorry i Don’t know how to translate my dutch words) They Cannot change you, cause they’re not noticing how beautiful you are. You are you, and u can choose if its on ur face or not, you can choose if u like it or not, cause its your face and not others. Cause People need to notice calling people, animals, LIVING THINGS ugly is very offensive, or they take that serious for later on, cause if alot of people call you ugly that can even lead to an dangerous path. But i wanna let you know ur ✨not✨ ugly but ur ✨beautiful✨, everyone is! ;)

    LuhiLuhiKun oldin
  • I originally subscribed because he sounded kinda conservative, but now I'm just here for T H I S.

    Casey NeilCasey NeilKun oldin
  • ...why was that profound? I mean I agree but... How

    Casey NeilCasey NeilKun oldin
  • after his face warping at the end, the quote "stand up straight" really hit me bro

    Andrew DanielAndrew Daniel2 kun oldin
  • he is a gentleman now

    VastedVasted2 kun oldin
  • "the only thing you've studied is your wattpad" Me: ....sorry I use ao3 cause I have class

    RÄTRÄT2 kun oldin
  • At this point mutton chops are so normal just bc of Jshlatt lmao 😂

  • bruh I’ve been watching schlatt for like only a few months but I never thought he looked ugly once lel people will do anything to bring others down I think he looks great

    FluffiwolfFluffiwolf2 kun oldin
  • your facial hairs not bad

    Family DupuisFamily Dupuis2 kun oldin
  • jschlatt is HOT without his hat

    ghoulishghoulish2 kun oldin
  • Don't let those snow savages tell you what to do commander jshlatt

    grim reapergrim reaper2 kun oldin
  • Ngl you looked handsome when you was younger

    Total ToonsシTotal Toonsシ2 kun oldin

    lara privšeklara privšek2 kun oldin
  • I hated his facial hair but now i love this he looks cute 🥺😳

    BrooveBroove2 kun oldin
  • He is officially part of my favourite UZworldrs list.

    R0ketR0ket2 kun oldin

    auzzie •lamaaauzzie •lamaa2 kun oldin
  • i don't know about others, but this is the first time i've seen you without the muttonchops, and that looks weirder. i feel like they've gotten kinda iconic, idunno

    Benjamin Rosendal LarsenBenjamin Rosendal Larsen2 kun oldin
  • He looks handsome wtf u talking about

    Stay FanStay Fan2 kun oldin
  • I wish my bf have face like urs 😂

    gogynotfoundgogynotfound2 kun oldin
  • This is the positivity we need. Be yourself, Schlatt. And everyone else reading this. If you don't like how you look, it's okay to want to change. Just don't change for other people.

    Rin MatsuokaRin Matsuoka2 kun oldin
  • Schlatt's a better therapist than my own therapist

    Mist GrayMist Gray2 kun oldin
  • The thing is, Schlatt. You're so fucking hot, we simply cannot handle it. You're so goddamn hot dude. No homo... Unless you want it to be😏💜

    Ashe Virgil StarkAshe Virgil Stark2 kun oldin
  • I really needed to hear this...

    Roye S.Roye S.2 kun oldin

    Ann GanskeAnn Ganske2 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna say it.. the chops make him even more attractive lol

    DanishDragonDanishDragon2 kun oldin
  • Yo I like ur hair

    XtraCrumsXtraCrums2 kun oldin
  • All hail jshlatt and is hamsome face, KEEP BEING YOU BROTHER!!! 👊🏻👍🏻

    Owlie's Gacha GangOwlie's Gacha Gang2 kun oldin
  • I can’t explain why Schlatt without facial hair doesn’t look like him or his voice at all

    PinkPusheenPawsPinkPusheenPaws3 kun oldin
  • Thank you.

    BRUHman64BRUHman643 kun oldin
  • What’s that guys name from cloudy of a chance of meatballs

    Zoe TrowelZoe Trowel3 kun oldin
  • Ngl schlattchops are fuckin dope

    Smokin TiresomeSmokin Tiresome3 kun oldin
  • The chops look good on you

    A1 ToddA1 Todd3 kun oldin
  • So much more handsome with beard 🔥😘

    Nehemaih ppc BugaschNehemaih ppc Bugasch3 kun oldin
  • the chops are swag

    danielle bagleydanielle bagley3 kun oldin
  • This has taught me that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE

    Kenzie KlausKenzie Klaus3 kun oldin
  • Just realised he looks like fucking Wolverine 😂😂

    Bennett688Bennett6883 kun oldin
  • I think there hot..

    River Rubbish シRiver Rubbish シ3 kun oldin
  • There’s nothing wrong with your mutton chops, they look badass and idc who thinks otherwise

    CommanderfozCommanderfoz3 kun oldin
  • 0:22 no schlatt your not meant to eat the candle

    Thomas CallThomas Call3 kun oldin
  • You look like a Trump supporter

    Nelly HeimNelly Heim3 kun oldin
  • First of all You’re face is sexy and sturdy with your chops

    PrimePrime3 kun oldin
  • "Stand up straight" as opposed to schlatt, who has to stand up gay

    Call me BuddyCall me Buddy3 kun oldin
  • here for a good time not a long more like here for a shit time and a long

    __3 kun oldin
  • Ngl I didn't notice it till now and it looks good

    Forehead Bruh MomentForehead Bruh Moment3 kun oldin
  • Thanks for putting this out on the internet

    IT ITEMSIT ITEMS3 kun oldin
  • 0:40 and to think a stupid app decided to use this for huby halloween

    Teal TitanicTeal Titanic3 kun oldin
  • You rock the chops.

    louie noelouie noe3 kun oldin
  • Imagine thinking this man is ugly?!?!???!

    ToastToast3 kun oldin

    mothmoth3 kun oldin