13-Iyn, 2020
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Schlatt and Quackity learn sign language
Edited by moist:
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Hand Simulator is a game in which you control your own hands (You do not need a VR helmet, you just need a keyboard and mouse). There are many different levels where you can play with spinners, plunge into the subtleties of handling weapons, milk a cow, take part in a Mexican duel with your friends, have a good time fishing, play chess or simply chat in an anonymous club. Hand Simulator is a game where everyone finds entertainment for their tastes.


    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVE8 oy oldin
    • I am sorry Lord for I have done the one forbidden thing, I have googled Mr Hands. Forgive me my lord for I regret my decisions and wish to repent. Amen

      PolarisSuffersPolarisSuffersOy oldin
    • I just want to know how is that possible.......

      ツAll you need to know is that I love beesツAll you need to know is that I love beesOy oldin
    • you did

      Ack_uwuAck_uwuOy oldin
    • AaaaaaaH my god Whyyyyyyyu W H Y

      empty coke bottle with a personalityempty coke bottle with a personalityOy oldin
    • you were right

      MerlinMerlin2 oy oldin

    Sasha callSasha call10 soat oldin
  • I googled mr.hands. Someone pass the bleach

    LølïLølï23 soat oldin
  • Yo.. You ripped his junk out of his pants!!!! @16:11

    Steven RosarioSteven RosarioKun oldin
  • I googled it and im scard 😐

    Kamiya&Nasya ClayKamiya&Nasya ClayKun oldin

    ¿Anim3Addict?¿Anim3Addict?2 kun oldin
  • The random guy shows up Me: KIRISHIMA IS THAT U?

    JustangelgurlJustangelgurl3 kun oldin
  • at the end schlatt should put more schitt

    AwsmBldDrgn0126 GamingAwsmBldDrgn0126 Gaming3 kun oldin
  • jschlatt: typing a gift message quackity: **moans**

    dantedante3 kun oldin
  • i shouldnt have googled it

    subAvianthsubAvianth3 kun oldin
  • This is the first time I genuinely laughed in a while thank you

    DD Big_manDD Big_man4 kun oldin
  • Quackity & shlatt are like the best duo

    Sophia WilkinsonSophia Wilkinson4 kun oldin
  • 7:12 thank u quackity ! very cool !!

    g0regirlg0regirl4 kun oldin
  • =c i looked it up .................................................................................................

    nikita wildennikita wilden4 kun oldin
  • im sad to say that i knew about the mr hands case long before schlatt ever started talking about it

    PemoPemo5 kun oldin
  • i regret looking it up

    hello therehello there5 kun oldin
  • I do not want to make fun of this terrible, terrible thing anymore.

    kirbokirbo5 kun oldin
  • i looked up mr hands and I wish I never did

    strawberryalmondmilkstrawberryalmondmilk6 kun oldin
  • i googled it. i shouldnt have googled it.

    Someone Who commentsSomeone Who comments6 kun oldin
  • imagine if u google mr hands... hahahah not me pff... he had sex with a horse

    Im SuccIm Succ6 kun oldin
  • So my last name is hand and my dad used to teach lessons. He was known as Mr Hand

    ToeManToeMan6 kun oldin
    • Shit

      This Is My Name IdkThis Is My Name Idk9 soat oldin
  • I googled it... You should have said nothing about it

    Mr Meme muffinMr Meme muffin7 kun oldin
  • does anyone know the song? 10:43

    Let me take a Jörmungandr at thatLet me take a Jörmungandr at that7 kun oldin
  • This is some other kind of fever dream im telling you

    Frogget :/Frogget :/8 kun oldin
  • my friend with parkinsons has this to say: rerfeoiwuge9o8urf nq04 yuo gouewyt e i a asm reig ejkasrtgo 5er regw riogghhwegh cat

    Chunky FishChunky Fish9 kun oldin
  • i googled it im turned on

    Alpha MaleAlpha Male9 kun oldin
    • @Ambre i forgot the time stamp, fuck. Its the mister hands joke of the boeing guy that got fucked by a horse to death

      Alpha MaleAlpha Male5 kun oldin
    • what

      AmbreAmbre5 kun oldin
  • I googled it and am even more concerned for human race more than I already was.

    Addy FlemingAddy Fleming10 kun oldin
  • 12:02 best part

    Luke SadowskiLuke Sadowski10 kun oldin
  • I love amine

    Om GundechaOm Gundecha10 kun oldin
  • schlatt, i don’t think i like “mr hands” i am scared.

    LINE COOLLINE COOL10 kun oldin
  • I googled it

    katiewasherekatiewashere11 kun oldin
  • I googled it...

    Lillian RankLillian Rank12 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing

    Alicia BattenAlicia Batten13 kun oldin

    Broken BoysBroken Boys16 kun oldin
  • 6:20

    Hazel ValenzuelaHazel Valenzuela16 kun oldin
  • Seriously. Don't. Google.It

    Gabrielle RichardsGabrielle Richards17 kun oldin
  • 6:58 Hilarious..."stan" means "land" in old persian, like England or Netherlands.

    smh124smh12417 kun oldin
  • I googled mr hands and I want to doe

    Midgetboy 67Midgetboy 6719 kun oldin
  • Anyway quackity is my bae😂

    Michelle MadisonMichelle Madison19 kun oldin
  • I have Tourette’s and I kinda hope Schlatt doesn’t make fun of that. I kinda hope he at least does his research before making fun of it lol

    Michelle MadisonMichelle Madison19 kun oldin
  • this is a jschlatt moment!

    Shronk TortelliniShronk Tortellini19 kun oldin
  • Wtf why did i google mr hands, now i have to rip my eyeballs out

    PopCapKPopCapK19 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do such a horrible thing.

    SousouSousou20 kun oldin
  • bunger

    NoxicityNoxicity20 kun oldin
  • I googled it and I am now scarred for life

    niko last nameniko last name21 kun oldin
  • Hey schlatt, ever heard of VR chat 😏 Edit: theres alot of horror games and stuff like that, and you can talk to more people on it

    Short GirlShort Girl21 kun oldin
  • Shlatt's left handed? That explains a lot..

    Tom FooleryTom Foolery21 kun oldin
  • Jshlatt: do you wanna hear me play my flute? Proceeds to play a recorder

    Dylan PritchardDylan Pritchard21 kun oldin
  • PleAse I've come back to this video 7 fucking times

    anushka desaianushka desai21 kun oldin

    Pagan HoldenPagan Holden21 kun oldin
  • OK MR.hands

    leo Mleo M21 kun oldin
  • i looked it up.

    trinity lawtrinity law21 kun oldin
  • Omfg seriously don’t look up mr hands 😭

    HiHi22 kun oldin
  • 2:50 you are beat boxing schlatt

    souda kinnie UWUsouda kinnie UWU22 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing

    YourgirlBrookeYourgirlBrooke22 kun oldin
  • Wake up, Schlatt. You’ve been in a coma since the incident of 1999, and we’ve been trying to wake you up ever since. This “copypasta” is the only way the doctor said we could communicate to you. Come home we love you, Schlatt.

    Justin AungJustin Aung22 kun oldin

    plantenmoederplantenmoeder22 kun oldin
  • D o n 't.

    ` S i m p l i c i t y `` S i m p l i c i t y `23 kun oldin

    Undertale103Undertale10324 kun oldin
  • I looked it up... I looked it up

    Noah MorrisonNoah Morrison24 kun oldin
  • duwang

    NorthNorth24 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    conroarconroar24 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.

    AlbertinnoooAlbertinnooo24 kun oldin
  • 2/4/2021 10:44 PM

    DolwiuDolwiu25 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    Rebecca AlbrechtsenRebecca Albrechtsen25 kun oldin
  • that game is literally me in my dreams

    Real AFReal AF25 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “hands” would do this horrible thing

    Garbanzo's BeanGarbanzo's Bean26 kun oldin
  • Boots for the boot god

    LimeadeLimeade26 kun oldin
  • Pog

    Morgan's MotherMorgan's Mother26 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some people would do this horrible thing.

    nofreewillnofreewill26 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” do this horrible thing.

    Ethan KlassenEthan Klassen26 kun oldin
  • How does he do this, how does he come up with me hands and it pulls up that like how does he do it doe

    Ryan JohnRyan John26 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    TSMelonTSMelon26 kun oldin
  • Don't google Mr.Hands Me:........Well now I'm gonna do it

    ?•mcyt fan•¿?•mcyt fan•¿26 kun oldin

    Alicia DreyerAlicia Dreyer26 kun oldin
  • this video feels like an hour long

    Tyler HicksTyler Hicks27 kun oldin
  • Fuck, I googled it.

    Eddie OrlyEddie Orly27 kun oldin
  • Don't google it.... Please.

    rip wakezrip wakez27 kun oldin
  • I’m scarred don’t look up mr hands

    BoogBoog27 kun oldin
  • I love jshatt

    Smokeybassoon73Smokeybassoon7328 kun oldin
  • i have mastered this game

    Dusty_playzDusty_playz28 kun oldin
  • i regret looking it up

    The_Trans _potatoThe_Trans _potato29 kun oldin
  • 8:03 was just amazing, editor knows what he's doing

    Who Dat BoiWho Dat Boi29 kun oldin
  • Mr mix level 6

    Edgy guyEdgy guy29 kun oldin
  • 2nd thing to google: 'how to bleach eyes with certain blindness?'

    Bee go bzzzBee go bzzz29 kun oldin
  • The dude talking look like the old ninja turtles from the movies

    TempDragonflyTempDragonfly29 kun oldin
  • Wwby you msfe thud video jdchsltt?

    My_guy_gachaMy_guy_gachaOy oldin
  • it's the kung fu panda yummy dude 😭

    colecoleOy oldin
  • 8:09 the screaming mixed with the limited facial expressions

    strawsaltstrawsaltOy oldin
  • i googled it.

    andrew guzmanandrew guzmanOy oldin
  • Dunno if it's just me but Schlatt reminds me a lot of Vinny (Vinesauce), and I don't mean just the voice.

    Just1 RandomGuyJust1 RandomGuyOy oldin
  • Mr hands was my mother

    The official JackThe official JackOy oldin
  • I think the funniest part is that part of why the revolver game is so difficult because they modeled it off some .22 revolver so the ammo and the chambers are basically as small as they could possibly be.

    JCJCOy oldin
  • My guy really searched up *parkinsons funny* 😭😭😭😭😭

    Lilliana HovdeLilliana HovdeOy oldin
  • Don’t look up Mr. Hands _unless_ you want to read about a man being fucked to death by a horse

    Jeezuhs KristeJeezuhs KristeOy oldin
  • Schlatt: There gonna call me Mr.Hands- wait don’t google that Everyone: *googles Mr.Hands*

    -Yøùr gàçhã Fämįłÿ--Yøùr gàçhã Fämįłÿ-Oy oldin
    • Me: doesn't Google it *I know what it means tho ugh*

      This Is My Name IdkThis Is My Name Idk9 soat oldin
  • mr han pogcamp momnt

    bruh hood classicbruh hood classicOy oldin
  • 0:33 why would i not want to google an excellent herbie hancock album titled Mr Hands, Schlatt?

    Louis HoffmanLouis HoffmanOy oldin
  • this cures my autism

    ВолкВолкOy oldin
  • I’m glad I searched mr hands

    kanoa monkekanoa monkeOy oldin