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10-Mar, 2021
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Schlatt moves to Texas. Texas starts snowing. Life is suffering.
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Schlatt is in Texas and Texas is in Schlatt but I wish it was 10 Big Hot Men in me instead. Hello from the deep south! In this commentary video Schlatt talks about stuff for 8 minutes and change, which is just long enough to pollute the video with multiple midroll ads to make as much money as possible. He talks about the awful Texas Snowstorm 2021, which left millions of people out of power thanks to Ercot - kind of like when Schlatt has a heart attack and perishes on the Dream SMP! I put TommyInnit in the video for half a second just so I can also include him in the description. Maybe I should've titled this Commentary Video "Minecraft's Snowstorm Mod Is Incredibly Funny," and then the thumbnail is Schlatt in a red shirt. Who Is Ranboo? I Still Don't Know. I'm old and grumpy and in Texas with my best friends Mizkif, Trainwrecks, Pokelawls, Esfand, and Marriott International. The power in my house is out but At Least I Have My Blankets. It's almost like I brought the cold weather down south with me. If only I could bring the pizza and bagels with me, too -- maybe have a good old New York Slice of Pizza Pie at my favorite New York City Bodega with New York City Mayoral Candidate Andrew "Chicken Soup" Yang. Better yet, me and Davey Pageviews go out to John's at Bleecker Street, get a 10/10 and then day trade some no-name pink sheet company up 500% by closing. That's what I call a Portnoy Pump! /j /hj /ij /lh

  • I live in Texas too and btw GOOD LUCK TRAVELING IT TAKES 3 HOURS TO GO TO ANOTHER CITY XD I hate my life and road trips

    SomeoneSomeone8 daqiqa oldin
  • I'm on the ground laughing at this is still funny even a month later Edit: hows your time in Texas now

    D E A D N E O ND E A D N E O NSoat oldin
  • Ok

    Elizabeth JordanElizabeth Jordan6 soat oldin
  • 3:08 - My parents when I'm on my phone for 2 minutes:

    Gacha AliceGacha Alice10 soat oldin
  • should have moved to Massachusetts

    Ender GamerEnder Gamer11 soat oldin
  • meanwhile in finland: 2 meters of snow every winter..

    lukejunalukejuna13 soat oldin
  • that dudes probably been alive for 60 years living in texas and he has never had the mcdonalds be closed before lol

    jcfartsonjcfartson14 soat oldin
  • Welcome to Texas J I didn't have any where to go I almost froze to death for a week with 3 people in my house and we had to get all the blankets in the house and we had no food but bread so we ate bread and all our food was bad we had to boil water here's the thing we didn't have electricity soooooo we had to ask people for water bottles guess what we got 5 water bottles during that also that's not common for Texas to snow but it did J it did

    Wendy QueenWendy QueenKun oldin
  • Welcome to Texas

    Cody FishburneCody FishburneKun oldin
  • Alaska: Sounds like a Monday.

    SixitSixitKun oldin
  • 0:03 me when I walk into physical school instead of online and realize that I can’t just watch TikTok during the lesson whenever I am bored.

    ZlaachuZlaachuKun oldin
  • I thought texas was supposed to be hot 🔥 but i guess new york followed you to texas and the MC Donald's bit sums up America 🇺🇸

    Devastator 21Devastator 21Kun oldin
  • So umm I’ve never watched a jschlatt video in my life but thanks yt algorithm ig

    ButtersnitzleButtersnitzleKun oldin
  • Texas ain’t that bad as long as it ain’t frozen over lol

    Jake from State FarmJake from State FarmKun oldin
  • 0:03 When your best friend isn’t at school

    Angel ToledoAngel ToledoKun oldin

    Huh ?Huh ?2 kun oldin
  • welcome to Texas

    Rad ShibaRad Shiba2 kun oldin
  • I rlly had to see this a month after it came out

    mr. mobilemr. mobile2 kun oldin
  • texas starts raining a little bit and they have a power out England nearly floods this is fine

    GreenSnacks _GreenSnacks _2 kun oldin
  • gay p poggers

    Insert Something Random HereInsert Something Random Here2 kun oldin
  • i got baited so bad by that URL and i cant stop laughing, love ya work shlatt too bad youre a racism

    Koku in VRKoku in VR2 kun oldin
  • 3:19 that image makes me so uncomfortable why is he the empire state building next to mizkif and connor

    soulless vapid individualsoulless vapid individual2 kun oldin
  • if this happened to me i'd learn to accept that god is real and he despises me

    e ge g2 kun oldin
  • The website was fucking hilarious

    John CarvellaJohn Carvella3 kun oldin
  • 0:12

    Andy GetchAndy Getch3 kun oldin
  • leave

    sylviasylvia3 kun oldin
  • we didn’t have power all week during that. good times

    Andrew SchultzAndrew Schultz3 kun oldin
  • u look so handsome

    14-Bit Sharaf14-Bit Sharaf3 kun oldin
  • Should of moved to Alabama not as bad as people say

    thesnorlaxinggamerthesnorlaxinggamer3 kun oldin
  • I thought the title said "I'm black"

    ov crisisov crisis3 kun oldin
  • I love how he was an evil dictator in Minecraft but in real life he is a funny guy.

    Matthew Le BrunMatthew Le Brun3 kun oldin
  • Who are you?

    RumaRuma4 kun oldin
    • the president of United States

      apollooapolloo3 kun oldin
  • i need a cardboard pope

    Caitlin CameronCaitlin Cameron4 kun oldin
  • That serial killer is a senator, not a governor.

    The Eh TeamThe Eh Team4 kun oldin
  • Where I live (Missouri) we had a foot and a half of snow

    Gooseismyfavcolor :DGooseismyfavcolor :D4 kun oldin
  • My cousin is in Texas and god her family was fucking dying. On top of not having power, water, or barley any food, they all caught a stomach flu. But they somehow managed to survive that but am I glad I no longer live in Texas :,)

    Zoe WolfZoe Wolf4 kun oldin
  • awesome 😜

    Media SL - Second LifeMedia SL - Second Life4 kun oldin
  • Waiting for the day schlatt makes a video on railfanning.

    DynoKaiserDynoKaiser4 kun oldin
  • please for the love of god do not go to the website

    crusa kingcrusa king4 kun oldin
  • sorry for the horrible welcome but WELCOME TO TEXAS AHAHAHAH

    MevaMeva4 kun oldin
  • Southerners have it easy, where i live it snows so much it even snows in summer somtimes.

    Jazmyne ShoffJazmyne Shoff5 kun oldin
  • People from northern states Let’s team up to laugh at these people

    Bubulu NaidooBubulu Naidoo5 kun oldin
  • Karma for trying to kill Tommy and Wilbur

    DabiDabi5 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “Marriotts” would do this horrible thing.

    michael1michael15 kun oldin
  • And hes gone again

    I just shitted TMI just shitted TM5 kun oldin
  • as a Texan, I'm so sorry THIS was your first impression

    Project WonderlandProject Wonderland5 kun oldin
  • oh, yes. Great 'Murica

    KroneexeKroneexe5 kun oldin
  • Thrice I’ve lived through boil water orders... THRICE! Apparently there was both brain eating amoebas AND E. coli was in the water the three times it happened within 2 weeks of each other I hate NM did I mention that after this happened for the last time I had snow nearly to my shoulders? I was 5”7 at the time ( I am 5”9 now )

    Bit of EverythingBit of Everything5 kun oldin
  • Nah bro stay out of the internet, you suck

    RepetitiveRoutineRepetitiveRoutine5 kun oldin
    • Stay mad

      I just shitted TMI just shitted TM5 kun oldin
  • My last vid huh

    Oliver Geneser GihringOliver Geneser Gihring5 kun oldin
  • his hair is so fluffy :o

    KYO_GEOKYO_GEO5 kun oldin
    • Nice

      I just shitted TMI just shitted TM5 kun oldin
  • Me and my family in El Paso: (。_。)

    BeeBee6 kun oldin
  • "Disclaimer: don't go to this website if you aren't a Marriott employee" "No I think I will" *does* **dies**

    Aidan MillerAidan Miller6 kun oldin
  • I live in Houston and I appreciate you telling everyone how horrible north Texas is... it is awful. But in Houston it’s like almost all Mexican people.

    BooshFNBooshFN6 kun oldin
  • He lost all of subs

    joseph ramosjoseph ramos6 kun oldin
  • *laughs in Australian*

    Ark SamArk Sam6 kun oldin
  • Well at least your not dead mate 😂❤️

    Ryan PheaseyRyan Pheasey6 kun oldin
  • this is what happens when 0% sales tax

    SaltyMelloSaltyMello6 kun oldin
  • Why did I even type the fucking link?

    Awesome M.D.Awesome M.D.6 kun oldin
    • Same my eyes

      bleach blekbleach blek6 kun oldin
    • it used to go straight to his channel

      brainless entitybrainless entity6 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Texas. Glad to have you 😊

    Jonas FowlerJonas Fowler6 kun oldin
  • I wanna see what is on the link 😂. I am too scared though

    Diana’s Darling DonutsDiana’s Darling Donuts7 kun oldin
    • it used to go straight to his channel. now its the unholy land

      brainless entitybrainless entity6 kun oldin
  • Why did I type the link my dad gets a notification whenever a "bad" site is opened

    JJBig5kJJBig5k7 kun oldin
  • the marriott url linked me to gay porn

    Owen73oOwen73o7 kun oldin
  • as a texan, yeah this place sucks.

    SucculentShark13SucculentShark137 kun oldin
  • he looks like wolverine

  • did anyone try the link? if yes can you tell me whats there- im kinda scared to click it tbh

    Irina MindriceluIrina Mindricelu7 kun oldin
  • yayyyyyyyyy cereal ranking guy back!!!!!

    thechannelofasherthechannelofasher7 kun oldin
  • Thank god I went to the damn website on incognito mode god damn-

    Sad SeaweedSad Seaweed7 kun oldin
    • it used to straight to his channel and now its just uh...

      brainless entitybrainless entity6 kun oldin
    • @Irina Mindricelu it kinda sent me to a certain website... Like uh I can't really explain cuz it's just super inappropriate 😭

      Sad SeaweedSad Seaweed7 kun oldin
    • what happened-

      Irina MindriceluIrina Mindricelu7 kun oldin
  • anyone else but me noticed this room looks alot like Mini ladd's old home/recording room.. or is that just me(I dont watch miniladd anymore tbh but I just remember)?

    Amanda MurphyAmanda Murphy8 kun oldin
  • My Great grandma lives in texas KNOWLEDGE

    Madelyn LorenzenMadelyn Lorenzen8 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Texas baby.

    Alex JarveyAlex Jarvey8 kun oldin
  • Don’t anger the locals my one tip

    Taylor HillTaylor Hill8 kun oldin

    sharkbaitsharkbait8 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Texas!

    KingBardOGKingBardOG8 kun oldin
  • Jschlatt birthday resolution : I will get fatter.

  • Bro that website

    SleazySleazy8 kun oldin
  • Schlatt...u are weirdly cute. I find myself go all soft somehow lol

    Genyvine MeryenceGenyvine Meryence8 kun oldin
  • DISCLAIMER (Guys pls dont look up that website)

    Evan Fox-2023Evan Fox-20238 kun oldin
  • Us in Oklahoma had the same ice problem

    _.blUe._ .bOi.__.blUe._ .bOi._8 kun oldin
  • How could you do that to those poor Texans? Causing that storm? Smh

    GGTheBossGGTheBoss9 kun oldin
  • Me: I am a Marriott employee I am a Marriott employee I am a Marriott employee I AM NOT A MARRIOTT EMPLOYEE

    Hisoka pls step on meHisoka pls step on me9 kun oldin
  • Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft"

    Colby SmithColby Smith9 kun oldin
  • Hi MizKif

    Nav SnylterNav Snylter9 kun oldin
  • nice one 6:41

    drowziedrowzie9 kun oldin
  • Oh god I looked up the link

    Aadi SatheAadi Sathe9 kun oldin
  • was he crying at 4:38

    Eboy FlixzEboy Flixz9 kun oldin

    Rapid TQNK2Rapid TQNK29 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “Marriotts” would do this horrible thing

    David ReichlDavid Reichl9 kun oldin

    prizesuetprizesuet9 kun oldin
  • Schlatt barbe look like mungo jerry barbe

    -superben- 2-superben- 29 kun oldin
  • Just move to Florida it is nice and sunny here

    Firebird GamingFirebird Gaming9 kun oldin
  • *youll get used to it*

    LemonLemon9 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    R3cktR3ckt10 kun oldin
  • I went to the website without knowing the warning that ppl that AREN'T marriott employees shouldn't go there and now I feel like an idiot 😀👍

    arabella thapamagararabella thapamagar10 kun oldin
  • Texas amirite

    Le LadLe Lad10 kun oldin
  • Anyone else went to the websites

    Fernando SFernando S10 kun oldin
  • It took me to the hub

    iKonikiKonik10 kun oldin
  • I went to the website.

    uvxouvxo10 kun oldin
  • I live in Texas and this hits different

    CratCrat10 kun oldin
  • Shit, even in Russia it was less problematic

    Виктория ЧерепухинаВиктория Черепухина10 kun oldin