I found a new girlfriend.

17-Sen, 2020
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Schlatt goes on the dating show Love Or Host (previously the Rajjchelor / Rajjchelorette) to find ANOTHER new girlfriend.
Austin (RajjPatel) www.twitch.tv/austinshow
Minx twitch.tv/justaminx
Mia twitch.tv/miamalkova
Susu twitch.tv/susu_jpg
Alex Botez twitch.tv/botezlive
Kandyland twitch.tv/kandyland
Ofelia twitch.tv/ofeliabear
Peachachoo twitch.tv/peachachoo
Elee twitch.tv/eleemoon
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After Schlatt and Minx were Cute Together and did many Cute Things like Schlatt and Minx's Minecraft Date, and jschlatt and Minx arguing, and jschlatt roasting Minx, the Schlatt and Minx saga ended once I realized I Just Didn't Like Her All That Much. Schlatt goes on Love or Host again to find a new girlfriend to be cute with. No, this was not the GeorgeNotFound Love Or Host (hiiiii george ;) where George and Minx go on a date (good luck with that buddy), nor was it the Wilbur Soot Love Or Host where Wilbur and Niki become a totally real couple. It wasn't the CallMeCarson Love Or Host, or the Quackity Love Or Host. TommyInnit did not invade my Love Or Host and say funny British things, either, which was kind of disappointing because he sounds funny when he says PogChamp. It was just good old fashioned Schlatt Dating Show content. Minx, Alexandra Botez (hotter sister of Andrea Botez), and many more Hot Women are there. Schlatt breaks keyboards, but will he finally get his 10 Big Hot Men? #LoveOrHost

  • I lowkey feel bad for minx

    Its. TehyaIts. Tehya28 daqiqa oldin
  • when i found out you were religious my respect for you went up, God loves you brother keep it up yr doing good.

    MidNightGamerMidNightGamer48 daqiqa oldin
  • 6:24 (Idk why but I’m using this as a bookmark and you can comment your bookmark too)

    /- I do not wish To be horny anymore -\/- I do not wish To be horny anymore -\2 soat oldin
  • 23:41 Botez and Schlatt have pretty great chemistry, but... Minx's timing here was chef's kiss

    An AccountAn Account2 soat oldin
  • Kandy made a mistake. The chops stay on.

    An AccountAn Account3 soat oldin
  • I swear schlatt has infinite keyboards to break

    Wolf- mationsWolf- mations5 soat oldin
  • 10:08

    Why is what where? Hmmm?Why is what where? Hmmm?8 soat oldin
  • Shlatt goes on a Dating show. Me: *Expecting men*

    British GentlemanBritish Gentleman10 soat oldin
  • we not gonna talk about how the pope got sad and mad at the same time?

    Floor LampFloor Lamp11 soat oldin
  • 19:27 What's the name of the song?

    Garry QuidsquackGarry Quidsquack11 soat oldin
  • susu sus

    ghost _13thghost _13th14 soat oldin
  • I just got stabbed by woman

    LarryLarry17 soat oldin
  • The uneven tsunami untypically own because crush basally delay toward a unaccountable development. outgoing, hospitable cereal

    Kenny NgKenny Ng17 soat oldin
  • what the fuck he broke a unicomp r/mk couldve eaten that

    8008lover8008lover20 soat oldin
  • Ahhh Shlatt and I are similar... I also hate Andrew Cuomo

    Casey NeilCasey Neil23 soat oldin
  • I think knife girl has more knives than me, which is unacceptable. I must now go and purchase more knives.

    Casey NeilCasey Neil23 soat oldin
    • That bowie knife tho

      Casey NeilCasey Neil23 soat oldin
  • The Schlattorette

    BroBroKun oldin
  • When Alexandra says I'm a chess streamer I thought she said CHEST Streamer and I was what the fuck is a Chest Streamer

    SkipiusSkipiusKun oldin
  • 16:16 what is the Music that's Playing here?

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki AmajikiKun oldin
  • Minx just getting bullied for 28 minutes straight

    Milky FXMilky FXKun oldin
  • I jumped so high and I knew what was coming 6:45

    Emmy LieEmmy LieKun oldin
  • Why would you want to be with a porn star their job is the cheat on you

    xxWxckedExhoYTxxWxckedExhoYTKun oldin
  • Big guy

    Hex DollHex DollKun oldin
    • Hi small man

      Canci 333Canci 3337 soat oldin
  • Susu lemao

    F.T.LF.T.L2 kun oldin
  • Only schlatt would pull out a gun on a dating show

    I am FishI am Fish2 kun oldin
  • kinda creepy that you are all on mute but still can talk

    dark surgedark surge2 kun oldin
    • theyre on discord

      Angelina :DAngelina :D2 kun oldin
  • 4.24 my dad fucking cut his 2 fingers off with that knife jesus

    Frontierr The ProblemFrontierr The Problem2 kun oldin
  • Susu through her ex in a lake wtf

    Family DupuisFamily Dupuis2 kun oldin
  • Susu is a keeper I love her

    Sana ShaikhSana Shaikh2 kun oldin
  • dafuq happened 23:50

    connorconnor2 kun oldin
  • The winner of love or host... Britain’s bigger matchmaker is auto trader FUCKING AD

    Jake HarrisJake Harris2 kun oldin
  • Please just date minx . You are such a couple

    ThemintybakerThemintybaker2 kun oldin
  • The rampant cake independently license because verse contextually trick from a long-term gray. axiomatic, lopsided camel

    Cook GodCook God2 kun oldin
  • schlatt breaks the comedy table

    Cad ChamberlainCad Chamberlain2 kun oldin
  • you gotta respect minx's commitment to the bit

    Cad ChamberlainCad Chamberlain2 kun oldin
  • i only watched because i saw minx.

    BelBel3 kun oldin
  • minx always there, yeah boyyy

    qurtze monkequrtze monke3 kun oldin
  • 16:33 I'm not a religious person for any means at all but Amen

    That One GuyThat One Guy3 kun oldin
  • 10:30 the horn Montague starts

    o•o Måđđɨê ɨš Ŵëɨřđ o•oo•o Måđđɨê ɨš Ŵëɨřđ o•o3 kun oldin
  • Susu is pretty yikes

    CrypticCryptic3 kun oldin
  • Sorry to bother. But susu in my country means "milk" *coughs* yeahh....It is what it is.What a coincidence..

    Agita MarianaAgita Mariana3 kun oldin
  • That song Vansama wrote was freaking beautiful, I nearly cried

    ThatOneDudeThatOneDude3 kun oldin
  • Everyone Gangsta until the pope gets angry

    DroidDroid4 kun oldin
  • Susu:I have a knife to protect you Schlatt:"pulls out american privilege"

    Anne FranceAnne France4 kun oldin
  • ive never cried while watching a schlatt vid but when minx was sad i started crying dude

    Ray BerryRay Berry4 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for minx :(

    A CrowA Crow4 kun oldin
  • We need James Charles on his Love or Host

    Tingus PingusTingus Pingus4 kun oldin
  • if you marry schlatt your marrying the chops too

    DdubsstarrDdubsstarr4 kun oldin
  • Lerberg is clay mountain in swedish btw

    OerkaOerka4 kun oldin
  • no not susu

    noah kirkupnoah kirkup4 kun oldin
  • 'found a women, feeling good'

    Jhh GhJhh Gh4 kun oldin
  • Those she cut her self with the knife

    Yandel InfanteYandel Infante4 kun oldin
  • Bruh 1080p 60fps but their webcams are 144p

    Ale AloAle Alo4 kun oldin
  • when susu said you can skin a deer with a bowie knife i cringed that would be so fucking hard

    RyRy5 kun oldin
  • What's this songs name 12:21

    Johnny TestJohnny Test5 kun oldin

    NathCraftz _NathCraftz _5 kun oldin
  • Wtf omfg I just looked at minx and I got a flashback of a old cartoon movie called corpse bride Lol they look the same

    DioXide_HoneyDioXide_Honey5 kun oldin
  • I would like if you treated got like botez live did jschlatt

    cloudzyfishycloudzyfishy5 kun oldin
  • "what is the fucking- lerburgg" -schlatt 2020

    Bidoof PalBidoof Pal5 kun oldin
  • I forgot Carson was in this vid, and hearing him made me sad :c

    Jair Liévanos MoraJair Liévanos Mora5 kun oldin
  • Jschlatt is senpai and susu is a yandere 4:39 8:00

    averysasaverysas5 kun oldin

    K2 KK212K2 KK2125 kun oldin
  • 6:44 😂😂😂😂

    you look so goodyou look so good5 kun oldin
  • if anyone wants to know the name of the song at the end, its "Dream Away" by Day7

    LunasashinLunasashin5 kun oldin
  • jschlatt calls girl b word also jschlatt reads the Bible to the girls

    gracegrace5 kun oldin
  • 12:10 what is the music here?

    MasterzzMasterzz5 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact : Susu means piss in hindi

    Noob GamingNoob Gaming5 kun oldin
  • 7:14 you can hear ost from botw when it’s cold and i only know this is because i am listening closely but it’s fits it’s doesn’t fitz it fits and it’s perfect just had to bring it up

    JAGIEZZJAGIEZZ5 kun oldin
  • When the pope moved I shat myself but then I started dying of laughter

    Jayden DanielsJayden Daniels6 kun oldin
  • 5:51 literally made for Schlatt I can't believe she lost

    Von CVon C6 kun oldin
  • *23:50* H U H

    localserenalocalserena6 kun oldin
  • F in the chat for Carson 😔

    Lucas MorganLucas Morgan6 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    PopcornJRdbPopcornJRdb6 kun oldin
  • dude where are the alex and schlatt vids?

    rip wakezrip wakez6 kun oldin
  • 2 million ? No no no.. 4 million

    Cloudy FVXCloudy FVX6 kun oldin
  • 22:20 WTF

    Bryson SmithBryson Smith6 kun oldin
  • fr minx looks like emily from corpse bride lmfao

    cj_ain't_herecj_ain't_here7 kun oldin
  • I loved the part at 28:10

    Punch Cool BoyPunch Cool Boy7 kun oldin
  • Bro like bro

    Justin DownerJustin Downer7 kun oldin
  • she didn't love you like minx did

    John AlfieroJohn Alfiero7 kun oldin
  • Minx lookin like the corpse bride 🤣

    RyderfriedcakesRyderfriedcakes7 kun oldin
  • Ironic how Botez is being quite, because Schlatt was too.

    EnvarEnvar8 kun oldin
  • Big mistake

    Makka pakkaMakka pakka8 kun oldin
  • I took my earbuds out and the song "walk on the wild side" was playing

    Pan Hat GamingPan Hat Gaming8 kun oldin
  • This show is confusing tf ahahaahha

    Loleight TripleLoleight Triple8 kun oldin
  • WTF susu

    matthew brooksmatthew brooks8 kun oldin
  • 23:51

    IbukidookiIbukidooki8 kun oldin
  • 22:23 [Applause]

    IbukidookiIbukidooki8 kun oldin
    • 24:36 [music]

      IbukidookiIbukidooki8 kun oldin
  • That's some Niko Bellic shit.

    Xx_LIL_PP_69_xXXx_LIL_PP_69_xX8 kun oldin
  • 14:20 when Carson came in and started fucking ROASTING Minx 😂 he may be fucked up but he was funny ngl

    JackOfSpades GamingJackOfSpades Gaming8 kun oldin
  • NOT SUSU!!

    HaruBugHaruBug8 kun oldin

    HaruBugHaruBug8 kun oldin
  • English Milk= Indonesia translation= Susu

    GlimmedGlimmed9 kun oldin

    Team TriggerTeam Trigger9 kun oldin
  • Jshlatt: on Austin’s show Austin: hmmm that’s true

  • And here I was clicking on this video just to see Rose. Majorly disappointed.

    Pan BeskosPan Beskos9 kun oldin
  • i hate kandyland like you don’t ask if their guilty when yknowww

    Kelsy PorterKelsy Porter9 kun oldin
  • Why this sound like swaggersouls 🤣

    MultiSmilesXDMultiSmilesXD9 kun oldin

    KoluvyalKoluvyal9 kun oldin
  • God.. this is the epitome of desperation

    Travis PriceTravis Price9 kun oldin