I BANNED OBAMA (jschlatt animated)

13-Okt, 2020
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Schlatt bans the president.
Animation by Kim Elliott: instagram.com/kim_elliott_art
Original video:

  • SCHLATT 2020 DROPS IN THREE DAYS!!!! schlatt2020.com

    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVE4 oy oldin
    • I hate obama

      badit abadit a5 kun oldin
    • Why do you hate Obama?

      Silas BellinoSilas Bellino12 kun oldin
    • I’m a little late still give me it for free tho

      Dead PersonDead Person17 kun oldin
    • Truly disg*STOP* *STOP* Stop.

      piotralex5piotralex521 kun oldin
    • Are you a trump fan?

      Jackson BoordJackson Boord24 kun oldin
  • wheres florida 0:27

    [DOJ] Pacific[DOJ] PacificSoat oldin
  • Look at how good America is now Florida is gone

    Everett henry Eidson smithEverett henry Eidson smith6 soat oldin
  • What happened to Florida

    Skeleton snatcherSkeleton snatcher11 soat oldin
  • Obama-Chan deserves better than this

    Kanna KnowsKanna KnowsKun oldin
  • 1:52

    Jevel plays and reacts deltaruneJevel plays and reacts deltaruneKun oldin
  • OF: annarayy1

    Kun oldin
  • This is not Schlatt he has no mutton chops

    Ae7Ae7Kun oldin

    DawnbreakingDawnbreaking2 kun oldin
  • 0:27 is no one gonna mention how Florida is removed in the better USA

    CometComet2 kun oldin
  • “Think about how good it is” *cut to me drawing open my curtains and looking out at a burning street with sounds of police sirens and gun shots* “Yep.”

    Dennis DuranDennis Duran3 kun oldin
  • Screw Obama

    DrRamenoodleDrRamenoodle4 kun oldin
    • Ok

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
  • President Obama was a terrible President

    plaguedplagued4 kun oldin
    • Better than trump was haha

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
    • This is true

      Dr. MEERKATDr. MEERKATKun oldin
  • Jsclatt is soooooo smart, YES, WE ARE BIG BRAIN NEW ENGALNDERS

    Anthony PaldinoAnthony Paldino4 kun oldin
  • Schlatt with no mutton chops? Never herd of it

    MurfL¿MurfL¿4 kun oldin
  • bruh republican

    DawgDawg4 kun oldin
    • bruh its called a joke

      justethanjustethan2 kun oldin
  • I hate obama

    badit abadit a5 kun oldin
    • @badit a same

      Dr. MEERKATDr. MEERKATKun oldin
    • @Localbox I still hate Obama

      badit abadit a4 kun oldin
    • cringe

      LocalboxLocalbox4 kun oldin
    • I hate obama

      badit abadit a5 kun oldin
    • I hate obama

      badit abadit a5 kun oldin
  • Lmao Florida is gone in how good it is now

    fondelbondelfondelbondel5 kun oldin
  • Where are his mutton chops

    OofiiNotFoundOofiiNotFound6 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    PopcornJRdbPopcornJRdb6 kun oldin
  • I hope this is a joke... Because Obama is a GOOD PERSON Trump made it bad

    kimberly and briana Valadezkimberly and briana Valadez6 kun oldin
    • obama was bad

      justethanjustethan2 kun oldin

    DeymosDeymos6 kun oldin
  • Some of his fans definitely think he actually hates Obama

    Bryony bbBryony bb8 kun oldin
    • @Remoc oh okay. Thanks.

      taylor stylestaylor styles5 soat oldin
    • @taylor styles no, I mean he has not taken a political stance on him

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
    • @Remoc Oh okay. So he likes him?

      taylor stylestaylor styles5 soat oldin
    • @taylor styles no he just foesnt hate him

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
    • So he likes Obama? I'm new here so I don't know.

      taylor stylestaylor styles4 kun oldin
  • I love my dudes T-shirt

    Weirdo ZeroWeirdo Zero8 kun oldin
  • I like how you can tell he is joking

    lonely wolflonely wolf9 kun oldin
  • I'm not obama

    rax royrax roy9 kun oldin
  • #Brobama

    Destiny ReversedDestiny Reversed11 kun oldin
    • #Nobama

      Aidan TursiAidan Tursi6 kun oldin
  • Why is Florida gone from the awesome America 😂

    Madison HirschlerMadison Hirschler11 kun oldin
  • why is antvenom actually funny

    NurxNurx11 kun oldin

    Anna The RatAnna The Rat12 kun oldin
  • I love the lil cooper

    --12 kun oldin
  • Did jschlatt call all people from Florida a bad part of America?

    Dev SociusDev Socius12 kun oldin

    SemiColonSemiColon12 kun oldin
  • I get the feeling schlatt doesn’t like obama

    Pogmaster V3Pogmaster V312 kun oldin
    • That is a huge assumption based on this video

      rashad wilsonrashad wilson4 kun oldin
    • I personally don't see it here

      Jake SykesJake Sykes11 kun oldin
  • "Think of how bad the country used to be" *shows map of america* "and how good it is now" *shows america w/o florida*

    The Third SicilyThe Third Sicily13 kun oldin
  • awesome pilot when does the full series premiere

    Gabriel BrownGabriel Brown13 kun oldin
  • I’d love to see this animator make a show lmao

    itsclown_itsclown_13 kun oldin
  • Seriously why dose every one hate florida

    Gaming GangGaming Gang13 kun oldin
  • Sideways Obama

    Nevaeh AndersenNevaeh Andersen14 kun oldin
  • 0:27 i like that

    lasse Staubylasse Stauby14 kun oldin
  • This is the definition of a conversation between a democrat, and a republican.

    UnknownUnknown14 kun oldin
  • 0:25 - 0:28 anyone gonna talk about where cracklandia went?

    RandomDudeRandomDude15 kun oldin
  • “how can you dislike obama” he was a shitty president

    Jacob NixJacob Nix15 kun oldin
  • Amazing

    onekingdom1onekingdom115 kun oldin
  • I love your traves design 🥺🥺🥺

    Daddy Blue JayDaddy Blue Jay15 kun oldin
  • I just noticed, florida is gone

    small hammersmall hammer15 kun oldin
  • Schlatt spoke facts

    Ryan TallentRyan Tallent15 kun oldin
  • Man this animation really adds to the hilarity

    M.A.D DragonM.A.D Dragon15 kun oldin
  • If Florida leaves, why the hell is the whole west coast still there?

    ForgeForge16 kun oldin
  • Obama killed thousands of innocent people with drone strikes and started 4 new wars

    Chad HoganChad Hogan16 kun oldin
    • Ok don't know what that's gotta do with a joke video

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
  • These animations no matter how many times i watch them always bring me out of sadness

    TimelessTimeless16 kun oldin
  • *mmmm*

    Random personRandom person16 kun oldin
  • XDDDDD Amazing!

    CandyThePuppyCandyThePuppy16 kun oldin
  • This gives me major Rick and Morty Kangaroo Court vibes

    Gaten ArmstrongGaten Armstrong17 kun oldin
  • Oh

    The child has a gun -The child has a gun -17 kun oldin
  • Schlatt doesn't like dickenballs?

    General 08General 0817 kun oldin
  • They would make such a good animated series

    Eoin BurnsEoin Burns18 kun oldin
  • 1:52

    bill nyebill nye18 kun oldin
  • Oh. My. Goodness gracias mama Mia I hate Obama

    Kirk OttesonKirk Otteson18 kun oldin
  • 1:52-2:10 had me CRYING

    marvelousspatuletailmarvelousspatuletail18 kun oldin
  • Boy... you thought OBAMA ruined the United States...

    marvelousspatuletailmarvelousspatuletail18 kun oldin

    Adrian AxAdrian Ax19 kun oldin
  • Schlatt looks like Toni Cipriani from GTA Liberty City Stories

    abc defabc def19 kun oldin
  • this is a jschlatt moment!!

    Shronk TortelliniShronk Tortellini19 kun oldin
  • Me who's British :-|

    antony gamerantony gamer19 kun oldin
  • i just noticed how the difference between the two americas when schlatt was comparing them is that they removed florida like in the re-designing america video lmao

    Wheels AngelisWheels Angelis19 kun oldin
  • He did ruin it

    BjornOfCornBjornOfCorn19 kun oldin
    • Well we did not ask

      RemocRemoc5 soat oldin
  • Brorack brobama

    LeTianLeTian19 kun oldin
  • 0:25 Notice how the America on the right doesn’t have Florida. 😏

    JellymanJellyman19 kun oldin
    • yep thats the joke

      MagellanicMagellanic19 kun oldin
  • A man of culture! 🇺🇸

    JellymanJellyman19 kun oldin
  • 2:27 florida is gone

    ThatFlyingWaffleThatFlyingWaffle19 kun oldin
  • i love how schlatts only evidence is thinking about how bad america used to be

    conroarconroar20 kun oldin
  • Dr.Pepper

    Playboi Carti's SockPlayboi Carti's Sock20 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do such a horrible thing.

    SousouSousou20 kun oldin
  • bunger

    NoxicityNoxicity20 kun oldin
  • I did not recognize Ant's voice until Schlatt said his name....

    neoaustin164neoaustin16421 kun oldin
  • he did ruin it JSCHLATT 2020

    Micha3lJr HuneycuttMicha3lJr Huneycutt21 kun oldin
  • how could you do such a horrible thing

    Ian WalkerIan Walker21 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.

    Johann BishopJohann Bishop21 kun oldin
  • How is he so apoliticaly political?

    ConnorConnor21 kun oldin
  • 44th president of America? MORE LIKE 45 DEGREES PRESIDENT OF AMERICA

    ZapAtomicZapAtomic21 kun oldin
  • Truly disg*STOP* *STOP* *Stop.*

    piotralex5piotralex521 kun oldin
    • well said

      MagellanicMagellanic19 kun oldin
  • This is a great animation

    Canaan BronsonCanaan Bronson22 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing

    nicholas123441nicholas12344122 kun oldin
  • 0:27 why'd he remove Florida?

    Retard SquareRetard Square22 kun oldin
    • @United Republic of Egg makes sense

      Retard SquareRetard Square17 kun oldin
    • Because it's Florida

      United Republic of EggUnited Republic of Egg17 kun oldin
  • I miss SMP live

    Emilio LopezEmilio Lopez22 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    YourgirlBrookeYourgirlBrooke22 kun oldin
  • Did you know Obama’s real name is Obama Barack? Yep. It’s true. The media gets it wrong quite often

    Zoe WolfZoe Wolf22 kun oldin
  • I haven’t seen the real video but I automatically assumed they were playing minecraft

    Lex OsurausLex Osuraus22 kun oldin
  • i like how the map of the "good" united states has no Florida lmaooo

    The Lonely KingThe Lonely King23 kun oldin

    1CrazyFlorida Guy1CrazyFlorida Guy23 kun oldin
    • @Am goose no thats wyoming youre thinking of

      MagellanicMagellanic19 kun oldin
    • Nice try, we all know Florida isn't real

      Am gooseAm goose19 kun oldin
  • cool

    JamesG 23JamesG 2323 kun oldin
  • Can't imagine how upset schlatt is about Obama 2.0

    InkImpaInkImpa23 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.

    Xx_FantaXx_Fanta24 kun oldin
  • man I wish we got more schlatt animated, but now since his videos are cut together it’s hard to have one full clip animated

    Youtube PizzerYoutube Pizzer24 kun oldin
  • 00:28 he took out Florida 🤣

    Southern StrikerSouthern Striker24 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.

    AlbertinnoooAlbertinnooo24 kun oldin
  • John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen.

    Only Jesus Can Save UsOnly Jesus Can Save Us24 kun oldin
  • i like the mini cooper

    bad muchacho bbad muchacho b24 kun oldin
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    Nai DemocNai Democ24 kun oldin